Cream Chargers

The cream chargers shop may well finally be swinging into action – or at the very least it might be heading into that general direction.

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Cream Chargers – online shop coming soon …

Please be patient for the best prices on cream supplies, cream chargers and whipped cream dispensers - our customers will not be disappointed - follow the van for the ultimate in service and quality! We will be stocking 8gm, 16gm and various brands including the cheap Liss chargers and also other, higher quality brands. We are aiming to be trading by the end of August - but will keep everyone informed via this website as well as the twitter feed that will be started soon. The south coast of England has never looked fluffier - are you sure those white cliffs are made of chalk? We're thinking that they might actually be whipped! We will also be stocking other culinary equipment (as well as the obvious cream chargers) so the molecular mixologists can get stuck in. From the world of whipped cream to the world of molecular gastronomy! It's all science and food - but so is all cooking if you think about it.. the only difference is that there is a conscious thought of technical cooking when it comes to modernist cooking. So, what's it all about? Well the "inventor" was probably well, according to history it was invented by herve this but in the UK it would have to the Fat Duck that everyone thinks of when they consider molecular gastronomy. And if you want to try it out yourself - then you can either get a molecular gastronomy kit or go your own path and get some ingredients. And then because you need to understand what's going on then your source of recipes has to be khymos recipe collection - not just because it's free but because it's the best there is!

Whipped Cream Chargers

If you are unfamiliar with the idea of using cream chargers to make cream then simply follow these instructions:
Use double or whipping cream and pour it into the dispenser - there are three sizes of dispenser; 0.25. 0.5 or 1L. The amount of cream you add will depend upon the quantity of product you think you are going to need - but one important factor to take into consideration is that that once the liquid has been whipped then it will considerably larger than what you start off with - it is usually three times greater in volume after charging with N2O. For people that are used to creating desserts with a simple balloon whisk, they will almost certainly be surprised by how light and airy the cream has become - it will be as much as twice as light as manually prepared cream. Paradoxically,the heavier (more fat) in the dairy cream at the start the lighter it will be at the end of the procedure. The explanation for this is that the fat is the part of the compound that will actually "hold on to" the gas and allow pockets to inflate - like mini-balloons - these then lift up the aqueous part. For this reason we suggest that you always use a fat content of about 30% for chargers.
When you have filled the dispenser to the desired level the the top needs to be screwed down securely to make certain that the entire system has been fully sealed an will be able to withstand the high pressure created within when the N2O gas is released from the cream charger.
You can now attach the charger holder and screw it down to the head - this will perforate the steel canister and allow the gas to escape from the extremely high pressure that it exists at within the cylinder into the more moderate pressure in the dispenser body that it shares with the cream.